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Ebook: Community Supports Top Enterprise Priorities 

There has been an increasing demand for self-service options that improve customer experience and maximize customer support efficiencies.

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What’s in the ebook?

What is a Knowledge Base?

Find out exactly what a knowledge base is and how it can impact your organization.

The Functions of a Knowledge Base

Understand the functions you need for your knowledge base.

Measuring the Success of a Knowledge Base

Learn the best way to measure and showcase the success of your knowledge base.

Creating a Successful Knowledge Base

Which features should your knowledge base incorporate to be successful?

The centerpiece of any successful self-service strategy should be a knowledge base.

This eBook will provide you with everything you need to know about the knowledge base, including the key features that make it so effective and how your organization can take advantage of this type of self-service solution.

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It's crucial for enterprise organizations to align priorities and customer expectations.  

Due to several competing strategic priorities, enterprise organizations must make difficult decisions regarding where to allocate budget and resources, and assess which areas should be invested in

In post-pandemic times, balancing strategy and priorities is even more important than ever

At Higher Logic, we understand that there is no catchall solution to address every priority in an organization, however we’ve identified three key enterprise priorities that can be simplified with an online community

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  • CEO’s Top Priorities for 2023
  • How Community can Solve for these Priorities
  • Critical Features for Enterprise Communities
  • Key Enterprise Community Programs for Success