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A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Gamification isn’t new to the community space, but your gamification strategy should be constantly evolving to fit new and emerging trends in community.  

Learn how you can improve brand loyalty, community participation, and meet organizational goals with a community gamification strategy.  

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What’s in the eBook? 

There are many ways in which a gamification strategy can impact and improve online communities and the organizations they serve.  

It’s important to know what gamification is and how to use it so that your community, and your business can reap the rewards that it has to offer. 

02 Different Gamification Features  

Gamification comes in all shapes and sizes. Learn how each element can drive the outcomes you need.   

01 What is Gamification?  

Learn what gamification is and how it can impact your community and your business.

03 How to Implement Gamification in New and Existing Communities

Whether your community is brand new, or long standing, there’s a gamification strategy you can implement.

04 Collecting and Analyzing Data from Community Gamification Elements

Learn how to gather and use gamification data to prove impact and ROI.   

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